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White Wines

Chardonnay - NOW IN STOCK! - crisp, dry white wine with a slight nutty character. Lightly aged in Minnesota oak.

Prairie Star - We make our Prairie Star in a similar style as the Chardonnay. Aged in new Minnesota oak barrels, goes wonderfully with strong seafoods and spicy dishes.

Snowy White - A semi-sweet white blend, our Snowy White has a hint of apple to its crisp and fruity character. One of our most popular white wines this season since its release in late summer!

Riesling - Running Low! - German style wine, slightly sweet with a flowery aroma. Pairs well with seafood, especially crab and lobster.

Seyval Blanc - Our Seyval is lightly sweet and has a delicate fruitiness, enough to complement a meal of pasta, poultry, or seafood

Vignoles - A fruity, crisp, semi-sweet wine. Good acid balance with notes of grapefruit and citrus in the aroma and flavor. Serve chilled with seafood, pork roast, or enjoy sipping with friends.

Potter John's Special Vintage - Our northern grape, white blend. A sweet white wine with a strong fruit character and aroma. Great for marinating or serving with a pork roast

La Crescent - Produced from a northern grape developed by the University of Minnesota and characterized by citrus and tropical fruit flavors. A semi-sweet characterized by a strong apricot body with a nice, soft, pineapple finish.

La Crescent Moon - A full bodied, rich, white dessert wine with intense flavors of apricot and tropical fruits. 16.4% alcohol content.

Red Wines

Foch Rosé - SOLD OUT - A fruity, light wine with notes of plum - serve chilled. Makes a wonderful sangria or a wine cooler by adding in a light soda.

Chambourcin - A light bodied, slightly sweetened red with fruity notes of plum and blackberry. Makes a wonderful summertime wine best served chilled.

Maple Red - New Release! - An off-dry red blend with a base of Frontenac and a slight oak to the nose and palate. Pairs wonderfully with red meats (and wood-fired pizza!). Named in honor of our first vineyard dog, Maple.

North Star Red - A full-bodied red blend which perfectly pairs with a great steak.

Marechal Foch - SOLD OUT - An early french-american hybrid grape, the Marechal Foch is a full-bodied red with excellent aging potential. Highlighted with deep plum characteristics, this wine pairs well with a hearty meal.

Frontenac Port - Deep, red port with immense fruit flavor. Serve after dinner or for a special celebration. 18.4% alcohol content. 2009 Governor's Cup Award Minnesota ICCWC

3572 -Named after our winery address, 3572 is a tawny port-style wine made from the Marquette grape. Rich and smooth with a hint of a spice at the finish, this is a fabulous wine for the upcoming holidays. 18.9% alcohol content

Looking for something to do? Visit our Music & Events page to see what events take place at Falconer Vineyards throughout the season. Take in one of our Music in the Vines concerts, or enjoy an event along one of the wine trails.

Not only can you enjoy some of our fine wines here at Falconer Vineyards, you can now also enjoy one of our delicious wood-fired pizzas! Try our signature pizza - The Grapes of Wrath - as you take in the serene view from our wonderful deck.

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